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Repairs and valuations at Fabricius Green

Repairs & valuations

Jeweller working on a repair

We are very proud of our repairs and valuations service. If jewellery can be repaired then we have the perfect craftsmen to do this for you.

Many of our craftsmen trained under Adam when he ran the family jewellery manufacturing business. You can bring your jewellery in to us at any time to discuss repairing or remodelling and we can send it to the best craftsman for the job; we are happy to get quotes for work if requested.

We encourage people to remodel their old pieces of jewellery rather than letting them sit in a drawer, and can use your old gemstones to make something new and beautiful.

We are a member of the Gold Standard which provides reassurance when selling scrap gold. If you wish to use the money from your old gold to buy something new we will pay above the gold price in Fabricius Green gift vouchers so you can take time to decide what you would like to buy with the proceeds.

We offer valuations for insurance and probate purposes and we are always happy to discuss options in the shop before proceeding. Most valuations are done on-site by Adam. However, if it is necessary to send your item away for valuation, this will discussed with you first.