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Bespoke Jewellery at Fabricius Green

Bespoke Jewellery

Rendering of a bespoke designed ring

We love to make jewellery. We mix ancient craft skills with the newest technology which means we can make a vast variety of jewellery (virtually anything!).

Designing and making jewellery must be in our blood, Adam Green has been doing it for 44 years and his family has been doing it for at least 6 generations. Adam Green runs through the process;

“I usually start with a gemstone. If the stone belongs to one of our customers I will discuss his or her ideas, what kind of item they want, their preferred style, what other jewellery it will be worn with and, of course, the cost. Very often the original piece has been inherited, so it may be important to retain a flavour of the old design, and naturally the overall budget should reflect the value of the stone. There are so many elements to a successful design that a large part of the process is listening to the wishes and ideas of the owner. Often I am asked to make a wedding ring to fit round an awkwardly shaped engagement ring, and I am determined that the ring should look as attractive on its own as it does when worn together. It can be a challenge which I enjoy."

Handdrawn illustration of a ring design

"When designing something new I have to make sure that we are buying the best possible gems at the best value, and this is the key to our success as well as being a lot of fun. My time spent running a manufacturing jewellery business gave me the experience and a network of gemstone dealers as well as a group of the finest craftsmen in the country. Diamonds must have lots of fire and brilliance (sparkle), while coloured gems need vivid, attractive colours with depth and warmth which will give pleasure for a lifetime."

"It is important to keep designs interesting and a bit different, though the proportions and balance are also vital. The difference between really pretty and dull can be tiny, just a minor variation in the size of the stones or the delicacy of the setting. Attention to detail is what sets us apart."